Strategic cooperation brand

Since 2003, on the basis of stabilizing the equipment import and export business, OEM, ODM business and product component procurement material business, Taiqian Enterprise has explored and excavated development channels. In addition to establishing its own brand products and production bases, it has also actively introduced domestic and international highly competitive electronic industry component brands into the product system of Taiqian Enterprise, and joined with them to seek common development, It further broadens the development track of Taiqian enterprises and greatly improves the competitiveness and voice of Taiqian enterprises' products. Up to now, the main advantageous products introduced by Taiqian enterprises include but are not limited to the following (in no particular order):

SMD, plug-in, lead wire and other fuses; Power devices (ESD, TVS, FRD, SBD, MOSFET), bridge stacks, etc; Light emitting tubes, optocouplers, transceiver tubes; Nickel hydrogen battery, lithium battery, lead acid battery, button battery; Magnetic devices and transformers; Tantalum capacitor products; Analog logic integrated circuit products;

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