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      Timechange Precision Electronics Division was established in July 2003 with an SMT factory. It is a technical enterprise that provides customers with high-quality services such as ODM of electronic products, OEM and material procurement, and one-stop rapid production of PCBA. The business involves batch EMS, OEM processing services in the fields of communication networks, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, scientific research, medical, military, aerospace, etc.
      Timechange Enterprise actively promotes the one-stop service model of electronic product processing. The company's core team members are all industry expert-level personnel in the SMT industry for more than ten years. The company's cooperation model: 1. OEM processing; 2. OEM with partial materials purchase 3. OEM with full materials purchase 4. ODM development, design, material procurement and processing;       The company has the world's leading high-speed placement equipment, MPM automatic printing machine, advanced AOI testing equipment, reflow soldering equipment, to ensure product quality is effectively controlled. At present, the company's main customers include industrial control computer motherboard customers, mining machine customers, and military products customers. The product process capability can meet the needs of our customers from industrial control computer motherboards to FPC products, and the equipment accuracy can meet the 0201 component placement.       The company has 3 SMT production lines, 1 wave soldering production line, 2 assembly lines and auxiliary testing, aging support, testing equipment and other facilities to ensure the quality of customers' products and bring first-class services to customers. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality services to customers in the research and development department of scientific research institutes, scientific research units, and university research institutions, and has accumulated rich practical experience in SMT processing.      To provide customers with more valuable services and overall solutions is the goal and motivation of Tai Qian's forward development. To further move towards international development is the direction of Taiqian's efforts. Looking to the future, Taiqian Enterprise will continue to make persistent efforts in the fields of electronic product ODM, OEM OEM and material purchasing, provide customers with first-class services, create more value, and strive to become a leading electronic manufacturing service provider.

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