Quality Inspection Process

Strict quality inspection process is the core part of Taiqian's quality control system. In order to ensure that customers "buy at ease and use at ease", every inspection step we formulate is guaranteed to be implemented effectively and effectively. We have advanced testing procedures, professional testing equipment, and most importantly-experienced IQC engineers, professional and responsible working attitude, to ensure that our customers receive world-class quality goods.

Step 1 Appearance inspection

    We will perform visual inspection on all incoming goods and make detailed inspection records

Manufacturer, manufacturer part number, quantity, production date and environmental standards testing

Outer packaging inspection, whether the packaging is intact/complete, and whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of the corresponding MSL standards

Screening (Marking) inspection, consistency inspection, check the original specifications, documentation

Material appearance inspection, dust condition, pin deformation, pin oxidation signs

HS CODE inspection, whether it is consistent with the invoice/packing list information

Step 2 Engineer review

    All materials found to be suspicious in the appearance inspection, or materials supplied by the "tier one supplier" in the supplier channel, must be re-examined by the engineer

Review the appearance inspection process

Refer to the quality control database to check the manufacturer's label/logo and code logo

Barcode scanning detection

Check with the original factory lot number (Lot No.), production date, wafer / packaging corresponding production area

Simple electrical performance test

Step 3 Quality test

    All goods that cannot be identified during the engineer’s re-inspection process will enter the quality testing process

Solderability test

D-CAP analysis

Anatomical analysis

Electrical performance consistency test

Original test analysis report

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