Quality Assurance Overview

"Quality First" has always been the motto of Timechange to serve customers.

Quality is not only a slogan, but also the lifeline of an enterprise. In today's electronic component distribution industry, Taiqian is the preferred supplier of world-renowned enterprises. Strict quality control is the key to our success. Taiqian is committed to pursuing a "zero defect" quality management system from beginning to end. From supply chain management to single transaction monitoring, from supplier grading system to quality inspection process, we have established a complete quality management system.

Since the introduction of ISO9001:2008< management system in 2007, Timechange has been recognized as a "qualified supplier" by many well-known enterprises in the industry. Quality management has infiltrated all aspects of our work. We constantly innovate, never satisfy, and constantly enrich and enrich the content of our quality management system, and strive to achieve the "zero defect" management goal.

In February 2015, he became a registered member of Electronic Reseller Association International Incorporated (ERAI). ERAI is a private information service organization dedicated to the monitoring, investigation, and complaint reporting of electronic component resale market information. Its members are composed of OCM, OEM, distributors, CM, government agents and associations. Since 1995, it has gradually become the main reporter of information on IC resale market disputes and trade risks.

As an innovator and leader of quality management in the industry, our management philosophy is "Proactive Action" ("proactive action"). The quality management strategy of "Everything starts from the channel and advances layer by layer" makes us in an invincible position in the electronic components supply chain.

Our quality management system includes the following:

Supplier audit/grading system

Quality inspection process

Warehousing/packaging/transport standards

Quality control database management

RMA return process

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