Education System
New employee training
Timechange Enterprise provides one-week pre-job training and one-on-one tutoring for each new employee to the company to help new employees integrate into the team faster and better, familiarize themselves with the job business, and maximize the Eliminate the discomfort of new employees.       The contents of pre-job training are: developing Tai Qian (company introduction), corporate culture, personnel system, financial system, administrative system, teamwork spirit, time management. Through training, new employees can get a general understanding of the company’s history and basics The current situation, the company's training system and plan, learn the basic self-learning management methods, and improve the team's ability to communicate and collaborate.       The one-month coaching is a further training of the new employees’ professional skills and job responsibilities. The company specifically clarifies the tasks of the coaching work and the responsibilities of the coaches. The coaching takes a one-to-one way, and the company’s senior outstanding employees are in the coaching period Fully responsible for the work and life of new employees, provide new employees with job skills training to help new employees better understand the company's situation, to facilitate new employees to carry out work. At the same time in life also provide new employees, especially foreign employees with some necessary Reminder and help, so that new employees can adapt to life faster.
Employee on-the-job training
The company has developed a set of training development plans for each Timechange. According to the different positions and management functions of each employee, they provide general employee courses, grassroots management preparation courses, grassroots management core courses, middle management preparation courses, The mid-level management core courses, senior management preparatory courses and senior management core courses enable employees to acquire management skills and knowledge suitable for their positions at different times, so as to better carry out their work.        At the same time, the company's training is also linked to the assessment. The quality of the training will affect its assessment and promotion. The training takes credits. Only after completing the corresponding credits of this position can you formally appoint positions and take jobs. Training is taken Circulation method, the time for the employees to choose to participate in the training. The open training aims to enable employees to arrange their work reasonably, and cultivate the willingness and self-discipline of employees to participate in the training, and improve the training effect. Of course, the training courses provided by the company are all It is analyzed and integrated after employee polls, which meets the actual needs of employees and the company.
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