Caring for employees

Recently, the company has vigorously launched the "Caring for Employees Program", deepened the results of the activities of "going to the grassroots, entering projects, interviewing employees, doing practical things, strengthening management, and promoting development", further improving the employee happiness index and further improving the level of enterprise management.

The company starts with the most basic and detailed aspects, so that employees feel the warmth of the home. From 2013, the company's new project provides a single dormitory for grassroots front-line employees, and is equipped with bedding, Wardrobes, tables and chairs and other facilities; sign a collective contract once a year; the company continues to implement the employee congress system and strengthen the management of collective contracts; the company effectively safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of employees and ensures the goal of stable growth of employee income; at least once every quarter Training.

The company and its subordinate offices have formulated special training plans based on the actual needs of various regions, and hired the most popular and sought-after technical experts from the local and the company to teach the employees, so as to improve the overall quality and employability of the employees and ensure that the employment rate of employees reaches more than 85% ; The company earnestly protects employees' vacation rights and interests, ensuring that employees not only have excellent business skills, but also can maintain physical and mental pleasure at work.

The company's labor union insists on organizing all employees to conduct annual health examinations to build a solid "health protection wall" for employees; the company's labor union organizes to establish and improve employee birthday files, and insists on holding a collective birthday event for employees every quarter to allow employees We feel the warmth of the collective; we carry out a collection of Chinese sports activities every quarter, and encourage conditional district projects to focus on activities to facilitate communication with local governments, owners, supervisors and employees.

In addition, the company adheres to the principle of democracy and equality. It organizes a democratic appraisal event every year, and promotes the integrity of the team members of the company through work reporting and democratic appraisal and other systems. "Employee service station" to provide employees with difficulties, psychological counseling and other services.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the "Caring for Employees Program", the company also set up a leadership group specifically to clarify the work responsibilities of organizations at all levels, and incorporate the company's annual work evaluation content, establish a sound full-length effect mechanism, comprehensively promote the in-depth development of activities, so that employees truly You can see, feel, and feel the warmth and benefits of the enterprise.

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