Idea System

Corporate culture is a concentrated expression of corporate spirit, excellent quality, value pursuit, civilized behavior, and reputation image. The rapid and sustainable development of Taiqian Co., Ltd. benefits from the good policies of the party, from the care and support of all walks of life and all the great virtue The joint efforts of people, but also benefit from the innovation and development of corporate culture.

Theme concept: integrity, enthusiasm, dedication, three wins

We adhere to the integrity of business ethics, and use the word integrity to customers, suppliers and employees. The company's internal management training highlights integrity, hoping that high-quality and honest employees can create maximum business value for the company, customers and suppliers.

Timechange believes that only by ensuring a win-win situation for the interests of customers, employees and shareholders can an enterprise develop healthily and rapidly in the long run.

Customers: The process design of each department within Timechange is fully oriented to customer needs, and has been committed to providing our customers with the most professional and efficient services.

Employee: Employee is the company's greatest asset. Timechange respects the employees who work hard and actively, and is willing to share the benefits of the company's growth with outstanding employees.

Shareholders: On the basis of the long-term healthy development of Tai Qian shares, maximize the present value of shareholder value returns.

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